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Umatilla Elementary Rookie Teacher of the Year, Janelle Woodyard, is under contract with Capstone Press to write a non-fiction book on softball for girls, ages 9-13.


The book is geared towards girls who already have some prior knowledge of the sport and are looking to improve their game. The current title (subject to change), Girls Guide to Softball, consists of 5 chapters, including a prior knowledge quiz, the basics of softball, softball and health, a recipe, and even a craft that will create mounds of fun. Girls Guide to Softball is one of several books in this series.

Woodyard says she is excited to write about a sport that she started playing when she was that age. She is also thrilled about the opportunity to encourage girls through softball and reading. Woodyard says, “It’s like hitting a double.”

The book will be in print and on Capstone’s shelves in December of this year.


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