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As part of events during Disabilities Awareness Week, held earlier this month, Tavares Elementary put on a donation drive to raise money for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. The efforts were in honor of a Pre-K student that attends the school. Lex Santo is one of only 17 known people in the world who suffer from his particular mutation of the disabling disease.

Anne Veneziano, Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Specialist with Tavares Elementary, shared comments on the school’s donation drive and efforts made by Lex’s peers: “Our students showed an amazing amount of interest, compassion and desire to help while they sought out the donations that amounted to two thousand dollars!  We had a student that opened a lemonade stand to raise money, dozens of students that choose to donate the contents of their “piggy banks”, and students that did extra chores to bring in more money.”

The donation drive concluded with a celebration, recognizing the class in each grade level that raised the most money with a dance party. Lex was honored at the party and his family attended along with special guest, Lake County School District Board Member, Debbie Stivender.

Veneziano described the heartfelt compassion that students displayed during the activities that week: “Lex showed some of his artwork on our morning announcements and the children adored him!  It was heart-warming to hear so many students during that week talking about Lex, his particular disease and how they were going to help.”

To learn more about the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation, please visit www.umdf.org.


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Ruby Tuesday is throwing its support behind hundreds of athletes from Lake County Schools.

As part of the restaurant’s Community GiveBack Program, participating Ruby Tuesday locations are committing to give 20 percent of any diner’s purchase from Sept. 25-27 to Lake County Special Olympics. To be eligible for the program, diners must present a flyer to their server.

Participating Ruby Tuesday locations include:

  • LEESBURG • 9616 US HWY 441 • 352-360-0455
  • OCALA • 3500 S.W. COLLEGE ROAD, #100 • 352-873-1999
  • THE VILLAGES • 1168 MAIN ST • 352-751-1801
  • CLERMONT • 2650 EAST HIGHWAY 50 • 352-536-9341

To make a reservation, call one of the three locations or log on to www.rubytuesday.com.

DOWNLOAD AND PRINT FLIER: Giveback Special Olympics

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The roar of the crowd echoed throughout the Tavares neighborhood on Saturday as 51 athletes competed in Lake County Schools’ Special Olympics Summer Games at Tavares High.

A longstanding tradition for the School District, Summer Games 2012 included a variety of events including track & field, soccer skills and softball & tennis ball throwing. Schools sending athletes to the games included Lake Hills School, Mount Dora Middle, Tavares Middle, Lake Minneola High, Eustis Heights Elementary, Windy Hill Middle, Treadway Elementary, Oak Park Middle, Triangle Elementary, Tavares High and Leesburg High.

“We were honored to have the support of Superintendent Moxley, School Board members and District Office Administrators at our County Games,” said Mary Adamson, Teacher at Lake Hills School who organizes the Lake County Special Olympics. “Also, the turnout of volunteers was the best ever this year. Our Special Olympians appreciated the encouragement shown for their efforts by the number of people who attended and I want to thank the athletes and their families for participating in Lake County Special Olympics.”

According to staff from Lake County Schools, this year’s event included 110 volunteers. Volunteers were from the following groups: Tavares High HOSA Club, Tavares High School, Meadowbrook Academy, Windy Hill Middle National Jr. Honor Society, East Ridge High, Mount Dora Middle National Jr. Honor Society, Christian Home and Bible School Jr. Beta Club, Lake Minneola High, Triangle Elementary, Tavares Middle, University of Central Florida, Lake-Sumter Community College and Lake County Schools. Awards were handed out to the following athletes from Lake County Schools:


  • Anais Flores          50 meter Dash—2nd; Standing Long Jump—1st
  • Selvana Badrous  50 meter Dash—2nd; Softball Throw—1st
  • Christy Douglas   50 meter Dash—1st; Softball Throw—2nd
  • Nadia Cox             50 meter Dash—2nd; Softball Throw—1st
  • Faith Pyle              25 meter Walk—2nd; Tennis Ball Throw—1st
  • Bryan Koffel         25 meter Assisted Walk—1st; Tennis Ball Throw—1st
  • Jayme Gleash       25 meter Wheelchair Race—1st; Softball Throw—1st
  • Alex Calderon-Rivera      50 meter Walk—1st; Tennis Ball Throw—1st
  • Dominic Rodriguez         50 meter Walk—1st; Softball Throw—2nd
  • Anthony Blake     25 meter Walk—2nd; Tennis Ball Throw—1st
  • Angus Brecheen  50 meter Dash—1st; Softball Throw—1st
  • Max Gullotta       50 meter Dash—2nd; Softball Throw—2nd
  • Dustin Hart         50 meter Dash—1st; Softball Throw—1st
  • Victor Salgado     50 meter Dash—2nd; Softball Throw—1st
  • James Lopes       50 meter Dash—1st; Softball Throw—1st
  • Dejorn James-Budd       Tennis Ball Throw—1st; Softball Throw—1st
  • Nash Bosbous     50 meter Dash—2nd; Softball Throw—1st
  • Cody Howard      Soccer Skills—1st
  • Justin Martin      Soccer Skills—2nd
  • Lupito Deleon     Soccer Skills—3rd


  • Julie Barbosa      50 meter Dash—1st
  • Travis Porter       50 meter Dash—1st; Standing Long Jump—1st
  • Nathan Bailey     50 meter Dash—2nd; Softball Throw—1st
  • Sidge Taylor        100 meter Run—2nd; Shotput—1st


  • Caitlyn Williamson       50 meter Dash—1st
  • Shane Gacek      50 meter Dash—1st; Softball Throw—1st
  • Brandon Trejo   50 meter Dash—2nd; Softball Throw—1st
  • RJ Rose              100 meter Run—2nd; Shotput—1st
  • Alex Tanner      100 meter Run—1st; Shotput—2nd
  • Brady Lester     200 meter Run—1st; Running Long Jump—1st


  • Savannah Taylor  25 meter Run—1st; Tennis Ball Throw—1st
  • Elijah Germain     25 meter Run—1st; 50 meter Dash—1st
  • Kyle Cochran        100 meter Run—1st; Running Long Jump—2nd


  • Thomas Beck       800 meter Run—1st; Running Long Jump—1st
  • Aaron McGuire   100 meter Run—3rd; Running Long Jump—3rd
  • Patrick Sokoloski              200 meter Run—3rd; Running Long Jump—2nd
  • Christian Vanegras            200 meter Run—2nd; Running Long Jump—2nd; 4×100 Relay—1st


  • Dylan McCoy        800 meter Run—3rd; 100 meter Run—2nd
  • Scott Malone          50 meter Dash—1st; Softball Throw—2nd
  • Jonathan Sinkovich           100 meter Dash—1st; Shotput—2nd


  • Ashley Ceravolo    50 meter Walk—2nd; 100 meter Walk—1st
  • Hector Marrero     100 meter Walk—1st; 25 meter Run—3rd
  • Matthew Corredor                25 meter Run—2nd; 50 meter Dash—3rd
  • Walid Zayarane     25 meter Run—1st; 50 meter Dash—1st
  • Cyrus Pearson       100 meter Run—1st; 200 meter Run—2nd


  • Steven Bocanegra  100 meter Run—3rd; Running Long Jump—1st


  • James Baer            100 meter Run—1st; Running Long Jump—1st


  • Aaron Dorta        100 meter Run—2nd; Running Long Jump—2nd


  • Morgan Muensterman   100 meter Run—3rd; Shotput—1st

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Students at Tavares High School were recently recognized for their continuing efforts in helping their school recycle paper and cardboard.

Tavares High students (left to right, holding certificates) Scott Meeks, Tyler Moore, Jonathan Ricci and Eric Garcia are congratulated for their recycling efforts from (left to right) Pete Myles, Energy Program Manager, Linda Carter, administrative assistant at the Maintenance Department, Diane Lingerfelt, fiscal assistant at the Maintenance Department, and their teacher Dr. Rene Rodrigue.

Students in Dr. Rene Rodrigue’s class have been collecting recycling bins from classrooms to help District staff to implement a recycling program at the high school. Pete Myles, Energy Program Manager, Linda Carter, administrative assistant at the Maintenance Department, and Diane Lingerfelt, fiscal assistant at the Maintenance Department, visited the classroom to hand out certificates and congratulate students for their hard work.

“This helps students focus on job skills,” Dr. Rodrigue, who teaches ESE classes at Tavares High. “These guys jumped on the opportunity and it teaches them independence, social and personal skills and math skills.”

Students recognized for their recycling efforts included Scott Meeks, Eric Garcia, Jonathan Ricci and Tyler Moore.

“These students directly contributed to the recycling efforts,” Myles said. “It’s not a lot of money earned through recycling, but it helps reduce trash which is just as important.”

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The Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department at Lake County Schools is encouraging parents of ESE students to take the time and respond to a Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) survey at www.esesurvey.com.

The state is conducting the survey to provide information on how well schools are supporting parents’ involvement in their child’s education. The annual survey provides information for planning and monitoring improvement activities. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), states must report this information to the federal government on an annual basis. The deadline to respond to the survey is June 30.

Parents that are encouraged to respond to the survey are those that have children with disabilities and a current Individual Education Plan (IEP) in grades preschool to 12th. This survey is not intended for parents of students in the gifted program with educational plans (EP).

Survey results are reported to the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, as part of Florida’s Annual Performance Report and are posted on the FLDOE website at www.fldoe.org/ese. Improvement activities are determined based on the survey report and progress is monitored through the annual parent survey. All responses are confidential.

For more information, contact Glendia Cloutier, ESE Parent Support Program Specialist, at (352) 253-6620 or (352) 253-6600.

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Lake County Schools will be closed on Friday, Nov. 11, to observe Veterans Day. The administration offices of Lake County Schools will also be closed on Nov. 11.

To view a complete holiday calendar for Lake County Schools, log on to http://www.lake.k12.fl.us or visit Lake County Schools District Office, located at 201 W. Burleigh Blvd. in Tavares.

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The Special Olympics season is beginning for students at Lake County Schools with bowling rolling into action on Saturday, Aug. 27.

Students enrolled in any Lake County school may participate in Special Olympics. Teachers and parents serve as coaches. All competitions take place on Saturdays. A physical is required for student athletes to participate in events beyond the County level.

Students and parents, who would like to participate in Lake County Special Olympics, should contact their child’s teacher when school begins, e-mail Mary Adamson, a Teacher at Lake Hills School who organizes the Lake County Special Olympics, at adamsonm@lake.k12.us or call (352) 255-5168 and leave a message.

Special Olympics is a sports program available to persons with intellectual disabilities, ages 8 and older. Special Olympics Florida also has a program for young athletes, age 3 to 7. Special Olympics at Lake County Schools offers competitions in a variety of sports, each with its own season, including bowling, softball, basketball, athletics, bocce, volleyball, tennis, soccer, swimming, golf and the Young Athlete Program.

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