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Test scores from most Florida Standards Assessments will be released after Sept. 1, once a study has been completed to determine the validity of the tests. However, some test results will be released this month as will other information regarding retention and graduation requirements. The attached chart and the FAQs below will give you the latest updates. Please contact your school principal if you have additional questions.

Q: Which test results will be released this month?

A: Test results for FCAT 2.0 Science, Biology I, U.S. History and Civics will be released this month.

Q. Which test results will be released after Sept. 1?

A: Test results for FSA English Language Arts (ELA) for Grades 3-10, FSA Math for grades 3-8, FSA Algebra I, FSA Algebra 2 and FSA Geometry will be released after Sept. 1, when the validation study is completed.

Q: Will we have any information about the third-grade FSA ELA exam performance before September?

A: Yes. A list of students who score in the bottom quintile will be provided to districts by June 8. Students who appear on this list are in jeopardy of retention. Schools must notify parents of such students, provide evidence of the student meeting a good cause exemption and provide appropriate intervention and support.

Q: Is Algebra I still a graduation requirement? Will we have any information about Algebra I scores before September?

A: Yes. The Algebra I graduation requirement has not changed. A list of students who pass the Algebra I EOC to meet graduation requirements will be provided to districts by June 8.

Q: The district announced that scores from the FSA Algebra I, Algebra 2 and Geometry exams would not count toward students’ grades this year. Does this mean they don’t have to take it now?

A: Students who were enrolled in Algebra I, Algebra 2 and Geometry but did not take the test must take the test.

Q: What if a student took the Algebra I exam but did not get a passing score? Since the score does not count toward the student’s grade this year, does it really matter whether they passed or failed?

A: Yes, it matters. Students who did not pass the test must retake the test or have a passing concordant score to meet graduation requirements.

Q: What about the students who had their Algebra I exams invalidated because they were mistakenly given calculators when they should not have been? Do they still have to re-take the test?

A: Yes. Students who had tests invalidated must re-take the test.


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eocepFor the 2014-15 school year only, statewide assessment results in Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry will be delayed. As a result, schools in Lake County will calculate final course grades and make promotion decisions without regard to the 30 percent requirement that typically applies. The absence of end of course (EOC) results alone in these courses will not result in a grade of incomplete.

The Lake County School district will not recalculate grades this year should the state eventually validate these EOCs.

Earlier this month, the Lake County School district waived 419 local EOC exams in addition to 38 local EOC exams that were suspended in March.

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Lake County Schools and Lake County Library System have partnered for a district-wide contest with an effort to provide every student in Lake County Schools the opportunity to have a free library card. The new partnership and the library card competition was announced last Tuesday during Jumpstart’s Read for the Record event at Lake Minneola High.

“We want to ensure every child has an opportunity to excel in the classroom and beyond”, says Brian Payne, Community Engagement Liaison. The contest will be recognized through all of the schools in the district. Each school will receive Lake County Library Card Registration forms. Forms will be sent home to each student with instruction to return them by November 21st and a FREE library card will be sent to every student who has signed up. As an added bonus – the elementary school, middle school and high school with the highest percentage of forms returned by November 21st will each win a special trophy to be displayed at their school.

“The 15 public libraries in Lake County have a multitude of helpful resources and knowledgeable library staff to assist students,” said Linda Goff, Youth Services Coordinator with Lake County Library System. “Our libraries offer free computer use, free WiFi, inexpensive copiers, online databases and ebooks, in addition to fun afterschool programs such as Lego Club.

Parents and students are encouraged to visit http://www.mylakelibrary.org/ for more information on all of the features and programs at Lake County Library System.

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Kimberly Menendez, a junior at Lake Minneola High, received the highest percentage of votes for her design of the logo which will be used to help promote this year’s inaugural Arts & Cultural Festival. Menendez competed with 20 other finalists for a logo design which captured the theme of the festival: artistic approach and cultural significance.

Menendez began her inArts & Cultural Festival Logoterest in Commercial Art Technology during her freshman year and describes the approach to her design process: “It was the feeling of accomplishing something that makes all the work worth it.” Menendez has developed an excellent track record in Commercial Arts and is now Adobe Photoshop certified and hopes to be Adobe Illustrator certified very soon.

“When brainstorming for the logo, I thought of things that represented arts and culture,” said Menendez. “My logo is a fun way to tie together the balance of art and culture in one simple eye-catching design.”

The new logo has made its official debut on the 2014 Lake County Schools Arts & Cultural Festival official website: http://artfair.lake.k12.fl.us/. The logo will be the prominent feature on the event t-shirts, signage and promotional material.

The Lake County School Arts & Cultural Festival is scheduled on Friday, Nov. 14, from 5 to 9 p.m. at Wooton Park in Tavares. It will showcase the innumerable arts and cultural activities happening at local schools. In addition to promoting the arts (performing and visual), the festival will provide schools an opportunity to fundraise for needed supplies and equipment for arts and cultural programs.

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Support the Tavares Middle School Jazz Band as they raise funds to perform at the Florida Music Educators’ Association Conference.

The Tavares Middle School Jazz Band was one of three middle school bands selected to play at the Florida Music Educators’ Association Conference in Tampa on Jan. 14-17, 2015.

“There are 29 students from the Tavares Middle School Jazz Band planning to attend this conference and they are working hard to raise money to attend the event,” said Victoria Warnet, Band Director at Tavares Middle. “One way they are working to raise money is by playing for our community. The Winn-Dixie in Tavares has been so gracious to allow these students to perform in front of their store to raise money for this event.”

To help support the Tavares Middle School Jazz Band and listen to an outstanding talented group of musical students, visit the Winn Dixie, located at 450 E. Burleigh Blvd., on Nov. 8 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Donations are also accepted at the Tavares Middle, located at 13032 Lane Park Cutoff Road. For more information, contact Victoria Warnet at warnetv@lake.k12.fl.us.

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Lake County Schools is one of two school districts in the country to earn a major grant for professional learning.

This three-year grant for $4 million is called iPD (Innovative Professional Development) and is focused on personalized learning for teachers and leaders.

“I am excited at the prospect of Lake County Schools being a leader in the development of personalized learning for teachers and leaders,” said Dr. Susan Moxley, Superintendent of Lake County Schools. “Our goal is to have every child graduate and be ready to join the workforce or continue their studies in post-secondary education. This grant will help us achieve that goal by creating a professional development system that assists every one of our teachers maximize their effectiveness.”

The school district’s formula for success is, “E2+P=C2Ready” (Effective, Empowered and Passionate Teachers Equal Career & College Ready Students). In the grant application, the school district wrote, “that effective, empowered and passionate teachers are the key to preparing students to be college and career ready.” The iPD initiative will provide the opportunity for Lake County Schools to develop a synergistic system that, at its core, is focused on increased teacher effectiveness and empowerment (E2). This initiative supports improved instruction aligned to college and career-ready (C2) Florida Standards.

“Aligning resources to develop highly effective teachers and leaders and support key initiatives will advance the goal of developing C2 Ready students,” said Dr. David Christiansen, Chief Academic Officer for Lake County Schools. “Our iPD plan supports this theory by creating an aligned system for increasing teacher effectiveness and empowerment plus passion.”

Lake County Schools will optimize resources by creating more time for teachers to collaborate and establish systems and processes that focus on effectively embedding the new Florida Standards into daily classroom work. The district will create a more personalized learning system for teachers where they identify their needs driven by classroom realities, implement a professional development plan to meet those needs, and apply learnings within their classrooms.

To accomplish this, the school district has chosen the following four outcomes:

    • Ensure all teachers have ample time within the school day for collaboration (without sacrificing quality student learning) focused on core instructional work
    • Provide multi-modal access to high-quality PD content based on teachers’ needs and student results
    • All teachers have frequent opportunities and multiple sources of feedback on their instructional practice
    • Assess the impact of PD content/experiences

The NGSI and iPD grants coordinate with the EngageLCS initiative by expanding on personalized learning for students, teachers and leaders. Through the $1.2 million EngageLCS project, also supported by the Gates Foundation, Lake County Schools is evaluating the best use of its existing financial resources to ensure students continue to get a great education. This is an unprecedented measure for Lake County Schools — significantly improving student outcomes without a large increase in new money. By reallocating resources, the School District is looking to increase student achievement by focusing on five instructional priorities:

The iPD grant is the third grant award from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Lake County Schools. This past year the school district was awarded $500,000 in grants for the Next Generations System Initiative (NGSI), an initiative to design full-scale implementation plans for personalized learning for students.


  • Immediate investment in struggling schools & ELL students — Closing the achievement gap of English Language Learners and struggling schools
  • Talent Development Pipeline — Adding transparency to career progression in LCS, and additional stipends for leadership roles and service at the district’s neediest schools
  • Program Evaluation & Innovation — Implementing a process to initiate, evaluate and extend programs based on their impact on student achievement
  • Teacher & Principal Induction & Development — Implementing robust coaching support for principals and teachers to increase effectiveness and speed movement up the learning curve
  • Personalized Learning — Building differentiated support for teacher/leader professional development and individualized student learning, supported by technology

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A surprise recognition at the Lake County School Board meeting last month caught Superintendent of Schools Dr. Susan Moxley off guard.

ECET2 Lake District TeamThe ECET2 (Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teachers and Teaching) Lake District Team publically recognized Moxley for her support of the program. ECET2 is a national movement where a convening brings together educators from the country to focus on teacher leadership and collaboration. The first ECET2 convening in Lake County was held in August 2013.

“Teachers are an integral part of this county and part of what ECET2 does is to encourage leadership and the idea teachers can work together to solve some of the biggest challenges they face in their districts, states and schools,” said Brent Balkaran, Teacher at Tavares High School.

A second ECET2 convening was held in March 2014 where teacher leaders in Lake County Schools continued the focus on teacher leadership, collaboration and instructional best practices.

“Dr. Moxley has been there to guide us, and she has also been there to show her support of this,” Balkaran said. “Her vision includes a district where not only administrators and top-level personnel share instruction and curriculum, but teachers take a part in that and we are headed in that direction.

He added, “I want to thank her for not only believing in myself and the ECET2 team but the teachers of Lake County.”

The ECET2 Lake District Team includes Balkaran, Kati Pearson, Director of Teaching & Learning Department, Connie Bame from Triangle Elementary, Kelly Cousineau from Academic Services, Susan Emrick from Lost Lake Elementary, Nancy Hunter from Leesburg High School, Stuart Klatte, President of Lake County Education Association, Anjanette McGregor from Tavares High, Andrea Pyatt from Academic Services, Debbra Snow from Lake Minneola High and April Von Maxey from Tavares Elementary. The group presented Dr. Moxley with a framed ECET2 graphic with signatures from the group.

“Thank you so much,” she said. “This is more special to me than you will ever, ever know. It is such a delight to work with professionals like you. It has been a pleasure to see your vision, your commitment and your dedication to our students every day.

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